Suco information sheets

he These information sheets contain suco-specific information and maps such as rainfall data, topography, climate predictions, soil pH and hydrogeology.Much of the data has never been released before in accessible public format especially at suco level.The files are designed to be printed in A3, and are saved in Google Drive for easy navigation. They were created in 2014.You are welcome to download as many as you like and print them.

Climate posters

These posters include information on climate change, present climate, El Nino Southern Oscillation, a district map and recommended adaptations for farmers.They were created in 2012.There is a poster for each district and are available in both English and Tetum.

Agricultural calendars

These agricultural calendars show the traditional cropping seasons and farming tasks of Timorese from various locations around the country.There are a total of 32 village-based calendars and 26 commodity-based (per district) calendars.These were created in 2010 and are available in English only.