More than 120 local and international staff from the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries and Seeds of Life work for the program across all 13 districts. Seeds of Life has an office in Dili and three regional offices in MAF district offices (Baucau, Maliana and Same). SoL works closely with the MAF co-leaders to effectively deliver the program.

All job vacancies are advertised on the homepage.

Use these quick links to see who works at Seeds of Life:

Districts: Aileu | Ainaro | Baucau | Bobonaro | Covalima | Dili | Ermera | Lautem | Liquica | Manufahi |
Manatuto | Oecusse | Viqueque | 

Other: Australia | Indonesia | Advisors


Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries co-leaders

SG-Cesar1 DG1 Da Costa Monteiro De Almeda, Octavio Amaro Ximene, MAP -Directo Agriculture & Horticulture _-1 Director Research1-1
Cesar Jose da Cruz, Secretary General Deolindo da Silva, Director General for Agriculture Octavio da Costa Monteiro de Almeida, General Inspector Amaro Ximenes, Director National for Agriculture, Horticulture & Extension Claudino Ninas Nabais, Director National for Research, Statistic, Geographic Information
Fernando Soares, Director Extension & Agriculture Community-1 avatar avatar
 Fernando Soares, Coordinator for Regional I  Jose Orlando Magno, Coordinator for Regional II Donato Salsinha Menezes, Coordinator for Regional III



MAF-SoL staff by location


Cipriano Martins-Edit Denisia Raquel Soares Brito Maria Martins 12. Antonio de Jesus Salvador de Jesus
Cipriano Martins, District Seed Coordinator Denisia Raquela Soares Brito, Researcher Maria Martins, OFDT Researcher Antonio de Jesus, District Community Seed Coordinator Salvador de Jesus, OFDT Researcher


Armindo Moises Orlando da Lux Santos-Edit Apolinario Ximenes Natalia
Armindo Moises, Temperate Crops Researcher Orlando da Lux dos Santos, District Community Seed Coordinator Apolinario Ximenes, OFDT Researcher Natalia de Orleans Amaral, District Seed Officer


Julieta Lidia Luis Fernandes Antonio Pereira do Rego 1. Basilio da Silva Pires 7. Constantino da Costa
Julieta Lidia, OFDT Researcher Luis Fernandes, OFDT Researcher Antonio Pereira do Rego, OFDT Researcher Basilio da Silva Pires, District Seed Coordinator Constantino da Costa, District Seed Officer
31. Pedro de Jesus da Costa Rojino da Cunha Joao Bosco da Costa Ribeiro Moises Lobato Marcal Ximenes
Pedro de Jesus da Costa, District Community Seed Coordinator Rojino da Cunha, Researcher Joao Bosco da Costa Ribeiro, Researcher Moises Lobato, Research Station Coordinator Marcal Ximenes, Seed Analyst
Miguelina Ribeiro Gracia 4. Antonio Freitas dos Reis
 Miguelina Ribeiro Garcia, Administration/ Finance Officer Antonio Freitas dos Reis, Driver


Dorilanda da Costa Lopes 24. Luis Siki Marcelino Santos Lopes Tobias Monis Vicente Luis da Costa Patrocinio
Dorilanda da Costa Lopes, District Seed Officer Coordinator Luis Siki, District Seed Officer Marcelino Santos Lopes, Community Seed Production Coordinator Tobias Monis Vicente, Researcher Luis da Costa Patrocinio, OFDT Researcher
25. Leon Mauleto Liliana da Costa Cruz Egidio da Silva2
Leon Mauleto, OFDT Researcher Liliana da Costa Cruz – Administration/ Finance Officer Egidio da Silva, Driver


Hilario Oliveira Mendonca-Edit Fernando da Silva-1
Hilario Oliveira Mendonca, CSPG Coordinator  Fernando da Silva, Official Seed



36. Luis Almeida-Edit Abril Fatima ermelinda luis pereira Isabel Soares Pereira
Luis Almeida, Research Coordinator Abril Fatima, OFDT Coordinator Ermelinda M.L. Hornai,  Research Coordinator  Luis Pereira, Research Coordinator Isabel Soares Pereira, Climate Change Researcher


8. Sabilio dos Santos Octaviana Fereirra Agustinho 9. Laurentino Ximenes
Sabilio do Santos, Sosek Officer Octaviana Ferreira Agostinho, Sosek Officer Laurentino Ximenes, Sosek Officer

Climate change



Seed system management


Florindo Morais Neto Maufe-1 Jonas Amaral-Edit 35. Modesto Lopes-Edit Aquilis T. Maia Barros
Florindo Morais Neto, Climate Change Felix Ximenes, Communications Coordinator Jonas Amaral, IT Officer Modesto Lopes, National Coordinator for Seed System Management Aquiles T. Maia Barros, Translator

Source seed and commercial seed quality control

Odete Simao Margono Belo Juliana de Jesus Maia-Edit  33. Fernando Soares
Odete Ximenes, Seed Analysis Coordinator Simao Margono Belo, National Seed Quality Control Coordinator  Juliana de Jesus Maia, Administration & Finance  Fernando Soares, Head of Seed Department

Community and commercial seed development

Staff Foun_10_11_2014 -1 Atanasio Cairo Barreto-Edit copy Agustinho Ximenes-Edit Untitled-3 Untitled-1
Leo Neto Hornay, National Coordinator for Community Seed Production Atanasio Cairo Barreto, CSPG Coordinator Agustinho Ximenes, Support Officer for CSPGs Virginia Soares, Asisten Administration and Support  Technical  Ivonia Maria Soares Magno, Official Support Agribusiness
 Albino Ribeiro, Official Support Agribusinness



Cecilia da SIlva Pires Julieta Borges Egas Vong-Edit Elizabeth Fabiola B. Belo Alexandra Leite Araujo
Cecilia da silva Pires, Finance Officer Julieta Borges, Finance Officer Egas Vong, Finance Assistant Betty Belo, Administration/ Procurement Officer Alexandra Leite Araujo, Administration Officer



Anibal da Costa-Edit Edmundus Fahik-Edit Maria Fernandes-Edit copy
Anibal da Costa, Training Coordinator Edmundus Fahik, Mathematics Trainer (short term) Maria Fernandes, Gender Coordinator



Paulino Mendonca Filomeno Cardoso-Edit Marcos Fatima Alves K. Moi Joao Paulo
Paulino Mendonca, Logistics Manager Filomeno Cardoso, Logistics Officer  Marcos Fatima K. Moi, Logistic Assistant Joao Paulo, Cleaner


Marcelino Lemos da Costa-Edit Manuel Marteu de Sa Pinto Afonso de Jesus da Silva Leonel Soares Duarte Freitas 2
Marcelino Lemos da Costa, Driver Manuel Marteu de Sa Pinto Afonso de Jesus da Silva, Driver Leonel Soares, Driver Duarte Freitas, Driver
32. Leonardo Britis Cladas 28. Elseo de Jesus 19. Armindo da Costa Joao Eduardo Antonio da Conceicao Isac
Leonardo Britis Caldas, Driver Elseo de Jesus, Driver Armindo da Costa, Driver Joao Eduardo, Driver Antonio da Conceicao Isac, Driver
Joao Paulo da Silva Jaime de Jesus Riberio Verdial
 Joao Paulo da Silva, Driver Jaime de Jesus Riberio Verdial, Driver



13. Mario Cardoso 16. Anibal dos Santos Celestina da Costa
Mario Cardoso, District Community Seed Coordinator Anibal do Santos, District Community Seed Coordinator  Celestina da Costa, District Seed Officer



Paulo Soares-Edit Nelia Aniceto Jose Freygen Mario Tavarez 18. Silvestre Sarmento
Paulo Soares, Pure Seed Officer Nelia Aniceto, District Seed Officer Jose da Costa R. Freygen, Researcher Mario Tavares Goncalves, OFDT Researcher Silvestre Sarmento, District Community Seed Coordinator
Leandro Pereira
Leandro C. R. Pereira, Loes Research Station Manager



Agustino Alves 2. Andre Alves 17. Floriano Fatima Jorge Amaral-Edit Yne Andriani
Agustinho Alves, District Seed Coordinator Andre Alves, District Seed Officer Floriano de Fatima da Santos, District Community Seed Coordinator Jorge Amaral, OFDT Researcher Yane Adriana, Administration/ Finance Officer
Rafael Feliciano Marcos Correia Vidal-Edit Felisberto A. Soares Raul_Driver
Rafael Feliciano, Betano Research Station Manager Marcos Correia Vidal, Researcher Felisberto A. Soares, Researcher Raul da Costa Isaac, Driver




10. Felisberto A. Soares Jose Arui-MTT Bernardino da Costa Nunes Angelo do Rosario-1
Felisberto Soares, District Community Seed Coordinator  Jose Arui Barreto Sako, District Seed Officer  Bernadino da Costa Nunes, District Community Seed Coordinator Angelo do Rosario, District Seed Officer



Mario da Costa-Edit Moises Soares Sarmento-Edit Amandio da Costa Ximenes-Edit Inacio Savio Pereira-Edit 11. Feliciano Soares
Mario da Costa, District Seed Coordinator Moises Soares Sarmento, District Seed Officer Amandio da Costa Ximenes, OFDT Researcher Inacio Savio Pereira, OFDT Researcher Feliciano Soares, District Community Seed Coordinator






Marcal, Armandina Rui Pereira Francisco F. Gama-Edit  Anita Ximenes
Armandina Marcal, on scholarship Rui Amaral Pereira, on scholarship Francisco Gama, on Scholarship  Anita Ximenes, Sosek/Gender Assistat



Advisors (Dili-based)

Harry Nesbitt Dalton, John Buenafe Abdon Rob William Samuel Bacon
Harry Nesbitt, Australian Program Coordinator (Perth-based) John Dalton, Australian Team Leader Buenafe Abdon, Program Assistant Rob Williams, Crop Identification & Development Advisor Samuel Bacon, Cropping Systems Advisor
Asep Setiawan Buddhi Kunwar Carla da Silva Luc S Brian Monaghan
Asep Setiawan, Source Seed & Commercial Seed Quality Control Advisor Buddhi Kunwar, Community & Commercial Seed Development Advisor Carla da Silva, Office Manager Luc Spyckerelle, Social Science/ Monitoring & Evaluation Advisor Brian Monaghan, Regional Advisor – Central
Wayan Tambun Martin Browne
Wayan Tambun, Regional Advisor – West Martin Browne, Regional Advisor – East


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