Seed classes

There are five classes of seeds of improved varieties produced through the National Seed System for Released Varieties.

NSSRV seed classes WEB


The NSSRV currently includes the following improved varieties that have been released by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries following extensive research and testing:

  • Maize – Sele, Noi Mutin, Nai & Suwan 5
  • Peanut – Utamua
  • Rice – Nakroma, Nakroma 1
  • Sweet potato – Hohrae 1, Hohrae 2, Hohrae 3, Darasula-CIP and Sia-LT
  • Cassava – Ai-Luka 1, Ai-luka 2 and Ai-luka 4
  • Kidney bean – Fleixa-RW and Ululefa-RW
  • Mung bean – Kiukae-AV and Lakateu-AV

MAF continues research on new varieties to ensure that new materials are introduced in the system.


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