Climate Posters

Below you can find links to the District Climate Posters produced by Seeds of Life Climate Change Team in 2012.  These posters include a information on climate change, present climate, El Nino Southern Oscillation, a district map and recommended adaptations for farmers.

Each district poster is available in Tetun and English.  Originally they were printed at A1 size but can still be read at A3.  Its a great resource for climate education and you are welcome to copy, print and distribute it around Timor Leste.

Limited supplies of A1 posters are available by visiting our office in the MAF compound  near the  Comoro bridge, Dili.


Climate Poster Baucau

Example of the “Climate Baucau District” poster in English.


Aileu: Tetun English
Ainaro: Tetun English
Baucau: Tetun English
Bobonaro: Tetun English
Cova Lima: Tetun English
Dili: Tetun English
Ermera: Tetun English
Lautem: Tetun English
Liquica: Tetun English
Manatuto: Tetun English
Manufahi: Tetun English
Oecussi Tetun English
Viqueque Tetun English

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