Program Implementation

The SoL3 Program Steering Committee (PSC) provides overall strategic direction and resource allocation to the program. It is chaired by the Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries and possesses representation from MAF, Australian Aid, ACIAR and Program management. MAF is represented by the Director General (DG), MAF directors for a) National Directorate for Research and Special Services (NDR&SS) b) National Directorate for Agriculture and Horticulture (NDA&H) c) National Directorate for Agricultural Community Development (NDACD) and d) National Directorate for Policy and Planning (NDP&P) plus the Australian Program Coordinator (APC) and Australian Team Leader (ATL).  The PSC meets twice a year to approve both the six monthly and annual progress reports plus the Annual Plan.

In addition, a team of national and district MAF Directors also meets quarterly with the MAF Director General and the ATL to discuss operational matters and resolve any problems emerging during the interim period.  This management team is called the Program Management Team (PMT). The MAF Director General (DG) acts as the head of the team along with MAF directors for a) NDR&SS b) NDA&H c) NDACD and d) NDP&P plus the ATL with support from the advisors.

Long term Australian funded advisor personnel in Timor-Leste includes the ATL, advisors for Research, Formal Seed Production, Informal Seed Production, Monitoring and Evaluation/Social Science Research, climate change and three regional advisors. The program also has an office manager.

MAF provides a majority of the technical staff working on the program.

Program Sites

SoL performs activities in 8 districts during the first year of its phase 3 (2011-2012) (Manufahi, Aileu, Liquica, Baucau, Ainaro, Bobonaro, Viqueque and Dili). Components 2 and 3 will expand their programs into three extra districts (Lautem, Manututo and Ermera) during the second year of operation (2012-2013) while district personnel from all Districts will be involved in developing the seed management system (Component 4).

Research will continue to be performed in 19 subdistricts spread across the 7 districts of Manufahi, Aileu, Liquica, Baucau, Ainaro, Bobonaro and Viqueque. In addition, there are seed production centres in Triloka (Baucau), Loes (Liquica), Betano (Manufahi), Corluli (Bobonaro), and Aileu (Aileu) and Viqueque (Viqueque). Regional Advisors are located at the regional centers in Baucau, Same (Manufahi) and Maliana (Bobonaro). The program will expand into further districts in later years. A map (excluding the enclave of Oecussi) noting all districts and main towns is presented in the figure below.

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