GIS Resources

We’ve put up some of our shape and raster files for the mapper in you.

We do most of our map work on QGIS, which is a free and very functional map program –

If you’re working in QGIS, look for the colour style files “*.qml”; double click on the layer in QGIS and load the style (button near bottom of window) for instant cool colours. If you’re lost for legends look on our map products as a key.

DIVA GIS is specifically for climate and biodiversity mapping and is also free –

Map files for download

Google Earth Files (116kb) – download and double click on these to bring them up on Google Earth (which you must have downloaded first).

Rainfall and Temperature rasters (356kb) for mapping current climate from Worldclim and future climate from IPCC4 CSIRO Mk3 A2A data.

Soils of Timor Leste (4.2Mb) is a shape file from O Solos De Timor, a soil survey project done in the 1960’s. Also grab the excel file and look at the print sheet tab for a key to what the codes mean. Soil pH, Fe & Zn deficiency and texture were derived from this map. Blank areas are errors that we are working on.

Soil Texture (5Mb) shows the sand, clay, silt soils of Timor Leste

Soil Fe & Zn deficiency (5.2Mb) is just an indication only making the best of info in O Solos De Timor. It is related to pH; that is, the positive metal ions that bind to negative ions in alkaline soils.

Soil pH (5Mb) to show the risk of acid and alkaline soils.  Each farmers site should be tested – this map just gives an indication.

Soil Complexes (981kb) – the O Solos De Timor data shows areas that are a complex of different soil types. Try overlaying this on other soil layers with a hatched shading.

Rocky soils (1.5Mb) derived from O Solos De Timor, again put over other layers with a hatched shading.

Agro-ecological zones (1.7Mb) is a little tricky. This is simply a DEM of the northern side of Timor Leste. Put it on top of the whole DEM and colour them differently for the different altitudes. North side: AEZ 1 (0-100m), AEZ 2 (100-500m), AEZ 3 (500-1500m), Temperate (1500m+). South Side (whole DEM):  AEZ 6 (0-100m), AEZ 5 (100-500m), AEZ 4 (500-1500m), Temperate (1500+m)

Bathymetry (545kb) is a nice shape for the ocean on your map, try the colour style for a nice affect.

90m Digital Elevation Model (DEM) (2 x 70Mb files, accessible from Google Drive) – elevation heights for every 90m square for Timor-Leste. You can use the DEM to analyse topography and slope as well as creating great maps with hill shade.

DIVA GIS climate (11.9Mb) (clm) files are for the really adventurous. Download the instruction sheet “Getting Worldclim…” to find out how these files work.  In the DIVA GIS program it will give you climate data for every square km over Timor Leste and beyond!

Other resources (Word files)

Clipping a raster using a vector

Getting Worldclim and IPCC Data Mapped

Instructions for getting data into google earth

Making a slope map in QGIS

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