Google Earth maps

The data layers below consist of a variety of KMZ files that can be accessed via Google Earth. This resource was developed in partnership with the AidData Center for Development Policy for the purpose of improving access to relevant data for agricultural development work in the field.  

If you do not already have it installed, please download and install Google Earth online for free.

You can access all layers on Google Drive (no login required), or use the links below to access specific layers. Individual layers can be downloaded in Google Drive by using the down arrow symbol in the top left corner.

Combined layers

SoL starter pack - Google EarthSoL starter pack includes:SoL weather stations
Historic weather data
Climate data
Soil tests
Census layers
Agro-ecological zones

Individual Google Earth layers

Weatherstationpic copyWeather station locations and monthly average data includes:

Interactve point data of SoL Weather station locations
Interactive point data of approximate Portuguese weather station locations
Monthly average climate data by weather station
Climate extremes
Network links connected to a database for updating data

Temperature pic copyWorld Clim and IPCC4 Climate Data includes:Current (2000) annual rainfall and temperature
Predicted (2050) annual rainfall and temperature
Rainfall difference imagery
Temperature difference imagery
Interactive point data of discrete rainfall and temperature amounts for current and predicted rainfall and temperature for every 5km
osolos table copySoil Point Data includes:Interactive point data of locations of Portuguese soil samples
Detailed historic soil data on 43 indicators of soil properties on 3 layers of soil
Network link connected to a database for updating data
soiltextpicsfull copySoil Shape Data includes:Country level view colourised layers and interactive soil zone shapes for pH, soil texture, and iron/zinc deficiency risk
Labels for pH, soil texture, and iron/zinc deficiency risk shapes (most useful at close-to-surface zoom levels)
Interactive watershed zones
Agro-Ecological Zone imagery
sucolabels copyCensus Shape Boundaries includes:District, subdistrict, and suco administrative boundaries
Interactive shapes displaying raw numerical data
Interactive shapes displaying proportional data
Network links connected to a database for updating data
graphpics copyCensus 3D Graph Visualisations includes:3D graphical representations of census livestock indicators by suco
AMPfull copyAid Transparency Portal Point Data includes:Interactive point data of project locations and associated data for all current development project reported by involved donor agencies
Interactive point data of project locations and associated data for agriculture sector projects reported by involved donor agencies
Network links connected to a database for updating data


These new maps were developed in partnership with AidData, an American research and innovation firm focused on tracking development finance and advocating for open data, and the U.S. Global Development Lab.

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Or learn how to make your own map layers in Google Earth, by reading our simple instruction sheet.

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