Journal Articles and Book Chapters

The following papers can be purchased online from the journal publishers. In some cases, copyright stipulations permitting, an author’s copy can be provided. Please email for such requests.


Solomon Maina, Owain R. Edwards,b Luis de Almeida, Abel Ximenes, Roger A. C. Jones (2016) Complete Genome Sequences of the Potyvirus Sweet potato virus 2 from East Timor and Australia. Genome Announc 4(3):e00504-16. doi:10.1128/genomeA.00504-16

Solomon Maina, Owain R. Edwards, Luis de Almeida, Abel Ximenes, Roger A. C. Jones (2016) Complete Genome Sequences of the Carlavirus Sweet potato chlorotic fleck virus from East Timor and Australia. Genome Announc 4(3):e00414-16. doi:10.1128/genomeA.00414-16.

Bacon Samuel A., Mau Raimundo, Neto Florindo M., Williams Robert L., Turner Neil C. (2016) Effect of climate warming on maize production in Timor-Leste: interaction with nitrogen supply. Crop and Pasture Science 67, 156–166.


Guterres, A., Soares, F., Fatima, A., Pereira, J., Belo, J.B., Williams R.L., Nesbitt, H. and Erskine W. (2015). Synergy of storage management with varietal productivity improvement: the case of maize in Timor-Leste. The Journal of Agricultural Science, 153/7:1208-1217

McWilliam, A., Lopes, M., Glazebrook, D., da Costa, M. and Ximenes, A. (2015), ‘Seeds of life: Social research for improved farmer yields in Timor-Leste’, in Susanna Price and Kathryn Robinson (ed.), Making a difference? Social assessment policy and praxis and its emergence in China, Berghahn Books, New York and Oxford, pp. 126-144

Lopes, M., Nesbitt, H., Spyckerelle, L., Pauli, N., Clifton, J., and Erskine, W. (2015). Harnessing social capital for maize seed diffusion in Timor-Leste. Agron. Sustain. Dev. (2015) 35: 847-855

Erskine, W., Ximenes, A., Glazebrook, D., da Costa, M., Lopes, M., Spyckerelle, L., Williams, R., Nesbitt, H. (2015). The role of wild foods in food security: the example of Timor- Leste. Food Security, 7:55-65.



Jensen, L.P., Picozzi, K., Almeida, O.C.M., Costa, M.J., Spyckerelle, L., Erskine, W. (2014). Social relationships impact adoption of agricultural technologies: the case of food crop varieties in Timor-Leste. Food Security, 3:397-409.



Correia, M.V., Pereira, L.C.R., De Almeida, L., Williams, R.L., Freach, J., Nesbitt, H., Erskine, W. (2013). Maize-mucuna (Mucuna pruriens (L.) DC) relay intercropping in the lowland tropics of Timor-Leste. Field Crops Research 156, 272-280.

Williams, R., Soares, F., Pereira, L., Belo, B., Soares, A., Setiawan, A., Browne, M., Nesbitt, H., and Erskine, W. (2013). Sweet potato can contribute to both nutritional and food security in Timor-Leste. Field Crops Research 146, 38-43.

da Costa, MDJ., Lopes, M., Ximenes, A., Ferreira, AdR, Spyckerelle, L., Williams, R., Nesbitt, H., Erskine, W. (2013)Household food insecurity in Timor-Leste. Food Sec. 5:83–94.



Gusmao, M., Siddique, K., Flower, K.C., Nesbitt, H.,J.,Veneklaas E.,K., (2012). Water deficit during the reproductive period of grass pea (Lathyrus sativus L.)  Reduced grain yield but maintained seed size, Journal of Agronomy and Crop Science, 198,6 pp. 430-441.

Lacoste, M, E., Williams, R.,L., Erskine, W., Nesbitt, H.,J., Pereira, L Marcal, A  (2012).  Varietal Diffusion in Marginal Seed Systems: Participatory Trials initiate Change in East Timor, 31p.  Journal of Crop Improvement: Innovations in practice, theory and research, 26, 4pp, 468-488.

Lopes, M., Nesbitt, H., (2012).  Improving food security in East Timor with higher yielding crop varieties. In Food security in East Timor, Papua New Guinea and Pacific island countries and territories. ACIAR Technical Reports No 80. ACIAR, Canberra Ed Templeton, D.

Molyneux, N., Rangel da Cruz, G., Williams, R. L., Anderson, R. & Turner, N. C. (2012). Climate Change and Population Growth in Timor-Leste: Implications for Food Security. AMBIO, Vol. 41, No. 3, May, 2012.

Williams, R., Borges F. L., Lacoste M., Andersen, R., Nesbitt, H and Johansen C. (2012) On-farm evaluation of introduced maize varieties and their yield determining factors in East Timor. Field Crops Research, 137, 170-177.

Williams, R., Anderson, R., Marcal, A., Pereira, L., Almeida, L. & Erskine, W. (2012). Exploratory Agronomy within participatory varietal selection: The case of peanut in East Timor. 11 p.  Expl Agric. 48 (2), 272–282.



Borges, L.F., Ferreira, A.D.R., Da Silva, D., Williams, R., Andersen, R., Dalley, A., Monaghan B., Nesbitt, H.J., Erskine, W. (2009).  Improving food security through agricultural research and development in Timor-Leste: a country emerging from conflict. Food Security, Volume 1, Issue 4, pp 403-412.

Erskine, W., and Nesbitt H., (2009). How can agriculture research make a difference in countries emerging from conflict? Expl Agric. (2009), volume 45, pp. 313–321.



Modesto Lopes,  Anita Ximenes,Marcelino de Jesus da Costa,  Angie Bexley, Soekartawi  (2008). Studi social ekonomi pemahaman ketahanan pangan dalammenuju kedaulatan pangan di Timor Leste.

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