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(Tetun) The new Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries, Estanislau da Silva, has praised the MAF-SoL program for helping Timorese farming families grow more food.

“Seeds of Life (SoL) is an important program because it assesses and tests new varieties to improve seed production. Good production needs good seeds.” (more…)

(Tetun) More than one-third of Timorese farmers are now growing the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries’ improved seed varieties known for their high yields, good taste and nutrition benefits.

Hear directly from three farmers about their experiences growing the improved peanut and cassava varieties and the difference it is making to their lives. (more…)

(Tetun) Local production of improved maize, rice and peanut seed will get a boost this 2014-15 cropping season following the registration of 27 new commercial seed producers (CSP) by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MAF) in late 2014.

This brings total CSPs to 58 nationwide, adding to the previous 31 CSPs registered in 2013 under the National Seed System for Released Varieties (NSRV). (more…)

(Tetun) Consumption of wild food is an important coping strategy in deficit years for poor ‘at risk’ households in Timor-Leste, new research by Seeds of Life has found.

In food insecure years, rural households were significantly more likely to forage for wild foods due to depletion of their grain stocks earlier than in ‘normal’ years. (more…)