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(Tetun) Agricultural activities are the foundation of economic development in rural communities.  When farming families have ready access to seed of improved varieties they can increase their crop yields and open the possibility to make profits.

Since May 2013, Seeds of Life has facilitated the integration of savings and loans (S&L) as a key activity of commercial seed producers (CSP) to assist the members in handling their financial assets.


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(Tetun) Subsistence farming in the tough agricultural conditions of Timor-Leste is a slog. Let alone if you are a poor family in a remote area with only a small plot of land to farm and limited access to an extension officer.

That’s why MAF-SoL has created an initiative to help the less fortunate get access to improved varieties of staple crops that have been released by MAF. (more…)

(Tetun) Women play a key role working alongside men in the fields – often weeding, watering and harvesting – and now women are increasingly becoming members and leaders of farming groups in Timor-Leste.

Research by the Food and Agriculture Organisation shows that when both women and men participate in farming, this helps eradicate hunger, provide food security and contribute to the livelihoods of rural communities. (more…)

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(Tetun) The new Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries, Estanislau da Silva, has praised the MAF-SoL program for helping Timorese farming families grow more food.

“Seeds of Life (SoL) is an important program because it assesses and tests new varieties to improve seed production. Good production needs good seeds.” (more…)