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(Tetum) Seeds of Life has been active in Timor-Leste since the year 2000 and has collaborated with many governmental and non-governmental development stakeholders over 15 years . The report Collaborative Effort assessed the types of collaboration the program engaged in and the impact of such collaboration.  (more…)

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(Tetum) The complete set of Suco Information Sheets including Dili and Oecusse, are now available  for free access on the Seeds of Life (SoL) Google Drive. (more…)

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(Tetum) Seeds of Life (SoL) has brought together some of its best data sources to bring you the map, “Soils of Timor-Leste, 2015”.

The map has been produced in English and Tetun at high and medium resolution for free download and print. It was designed to be printed at A0 paper size but can also be read (just) at A3 at high and medium resolution to suit your needs. It stores in SoL Google Drive that can be accessed without login. (more…)

(Tetum) Now is the time for all registered Commercial Seed Producers (CSP) across the country to submit their application for a seed production Annual Permit to the Seed Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MAF).

The Annual Permit is issued under the Guidelines of the National Seed System for Released Varieties (NSSRV) and applies to all officially released varieties (e.g. Sele, Noi Mutin and Nai varieties of maize, Nakroma variety of rice and Utamua variety of peanut). The Annual Permit is only issued to those CSP that are officially registered as CSP by MAF Seed Department. (more…)