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(Tetum) As an Australian Aid co-funded project, MAF-SoL ranks work health and safety (WHS) as a top priority.

The program proactively develops strategies to eliminate and manage risks to staff, program recipients and the greater Timorese community, and aims to work toward an Australian standard of risk reduction. (more…)

(Tetum) Seeds of Life has successfully identified the locations of 63 old weather stations as part of its ongoing work to track down historical climate data and make it readily available.

The discovery means MAF-SoL can now make comparisons between the historical and current climate across the country to further inform other research and planning work.  (more…)

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(Tetum) Thousands of farming families have received gumboots to keep their feet safe and dry when working in the fields thanks to a donation of 15,000 pairs by the well-known boot company Hunter.

This brings the total boots donated to Seeds of Life to 18,000, since Hunter first gave 3,000 pairs in July 2012. (more…)

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Lino the Active Farmer from Lospalos

On July 3, 2014, in Farmer case study, by Alexia Skok

(Tetum) Lino Rui de Andrade (36) is a maize farmer living with his wife, Atina, and their three children in aldeia Nakroma, suco Fuiloro, sub-district  Lospalos, district Lautem.

Lino is an active farmer, and registered commercial seed producer, who implements good agriculture practices developed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MAF) and Seeds of Life (SoL).  He became involved in commercial seed production in 2013, having started growing seed crops in 2011.


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