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(Tetum) Farmer groups that grow maize seed and have good results have lots of maize to handle after the harvest. Traditionally, for maize processing and particularly sorting seeds, this is mainly done by women as they are considered to do this more thoroughly than men. (more…)

(Tetum) Timor Leste’s  National Seed System for Released Varieties (NSSRV) was established in 2013 to ensure farmers timely access to quality seeds.  A documentary video detailing how the seed system works was produced to assist in disseminating the information.

In addition to the showing of this video on national TV, Seeds of Life (SoL) collaborated with Cinema Lorosa’e to show the video during their film nights in rural communities. (more…)

(Tetum) SoL has just published updated files of weather data for 21 weather stations around the country.  These are available in excel sheets that can be downloaded, analyse and freely share.  (more…)

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(Tetum) Australian ambassador for Timor-Leste, Peter Doyle, visit a commercial seed producer, Buras Hamutuk, in Lautem last week (7/10) to witness the group’s achievements in the production of high quality commercial seed of improved varieties of maize and peanut. (more…)