Climate & weather

Check out the links on this page for real daily weather data, forecast data and historical data sources.


Interactive Weather Data Map – Click on the yellow dots on the map to find live weather data.


Live data – uploaded daily direct from the station:

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Weather forecasting – 7 day forecasts of weather in Timor-Leste from modelled data:

  • Tempu-TL – a map by Catalpa showing rain and temperature forecast for each suco
  • BoM Weather  – a map by Australian Bureau of Meteorology showing regional forecast and movement of weather systems
  • ENSO update – every 2 weeks the Australian BoM provide an update on the state of El Niño and La Niña

SoL weather data from automatic weather stations – Updated files of weather data from 21 weather stations around the country.

SoL Weather Data (4.1Mb) – SoL weather data from over 20 weather stations since Oct, 2012.

SoL Rainfall Data – Daily rainfall data from over 20 different sites since before 2008.

The Santiga File – Monthly rainfall data for 64 sites from 1914 – 1974.  SoL has also made a map of these locations.

ALGIS Agromet, MAF – Monthly weather data for 12 stations some from 2004.

Monthly Stream Flow Data for 28 locations around Timor Leste from 1952-1974.

Historical Weather Data from Timor Agri:

Rainfall and Humidity Evaporation and Sunshine Cloud Cover
Temperature Weather Phenomena Wind


Other data sources:

  • DNMG – the National Meteorology and Geophysics service collect data from 2 weather stations at Dili and Baucau airports.  Visit their office across from Dili Conference Centre with a USB and letter.
  • DNCQA – Water Quality and Control collect rainfall and river height data at over 30 locations. Visit their office behind the central Timor Telecom building in Dili with a USB and letter and fill in their form.
  • ALGIS – Daily weather data from ALGIS is available on request with a letter and USB from their office in the MAF compound near the Comoro Bridge
 – Courtesy of BMKG, Jakarta, Indonesia – Courtesy of US Naval Observatory – Courtesy of SSEC, University of Wisconsin, USA

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