In addition to Seeds of Life’s 17 new weather stations we now have a fully functioning Automatic Weather Station installed on the island of Atauro 26 km off Dili streaming live weather reports through our website.

Just click here to access the weather report, which is updated every 3 hours.

You can also find this link on the Climate Data page of the Climate Change section of our website.

A second automatic weather station is already in the testing phase so we can also provide you with weather reports from Oecussi in the near future.

The aim of the system is to trial a new way of collecting weather data that could be expanded into other districts.

The Ministry of Agriculture’s mapping department, ALGIS, will be assessing the application of this system and its cost effectiveness for use in Timor-Leste.

So what do you think of Atauro’s weather reports?

Leave your comments below.

SoL Climate Change Officer Raimundo Mau checks sensors on Atauro Automatic Weather Station

Head of ALGIS Raimundo Mau checks sensors at the Atauro Island Automatic Weather Station