Francisca together with the President of PNG Women in Agriculture Development, Crawford Fund and Australian journalists

(Tetum)Sra. Fransisca Magdalena Pinto from Maliana is one of more than 200 participants who attended the 2-day conference held at Novo Turismo. Her story enlivened the audience and kept them engaged and animated.  (more…)


(Tetum)The Variety Approval, Release and Registration Committee of the National Seed Council met recently to review proposals for several varieties of different food crops deemed ready for release. After two days of deliberation and inspection of the different crops, the Committee agreed to recommend to the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries to name and release 7 new varieties of 4 different food crops.



(Tetum)Seeds of Life has just completed more than a decade of statistics training to MAF research staff. More than 30 research staff from all parts of Timor-Leste have been trained to analyse and present their own research data. For more than 10 years, Dr. Bernadetha Mitakda has travelled from Brawijaya University in Malang to teach the research staff. She gladly observed that ”All researchers have  improved their statistical knowledge. They have better understanding of their data and the different statistical tools as well as proper interpretation of results of the analysis.”



Some maize are fail to harvested in costal area

(Tetum)Consistent rains have continued across the central mountains of Timor-Leste. Many areas along the coast have also received more rainfall to help farmers with crops. There are still a number of smaller areas along the south coast and north coast that are having difficulty with crops wilting. The rainfall and new growth is contributing to a variety of diseases in livestock especially in the mountains. Short season corn is close to harvest in the mountains. There is a lot of rice field preparation in some areas such as Maliana and Baucau mountains however many areas are still late in planting. More information can be found in the full report.

El Nino Crop Situation Report 20160229

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