(Tetum)The Variety Approval, Release and Registration Committee of the National Seed Council met recently to review proposals for several varieties of different food crops deemed ready for release. After two days of deliberation and inspection of the different crops, the Committee agreed to recommend to the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries to name and release 7 new varieties of 4 different food crops.


(Tetum) Seeds of Life (SoL) research showing that the cereal production per person in Timor-Leste was much lower in Portuguese times, than now. In Portuguese era, average cereal production was only 38 kg/person per year, but now its approximately 122kg/person/year. (more…)

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(Tetum) Soon to rock Timor-Leste are up to 11 varieties of sweet potato, beans and rice that are currently being tested for suitability with over 500 farmers across the country.

If the varieties perform well and prove useful to Timorese farmers, they will be officially released and distributed through the National Seed System for Released Varieties in the next two years.


(Tetum) Can rubber band straps help make storage drums airtight, thus killing weevils?

That’s the question MAF-SoL researchers sought to answer last month, when they launched a simple experiment to compare weevil survival after two 80-litre storage drums were sealed for 31 days. (more…)