Maize in Liquica mountains harvested and drying. Photo: Samuel Bacon, SoL

Maize in Liquica mountains harvested and drying. Photo: Samuel Bacon, SoL

(Tetum)The rain continues to fall across the country although it is declining in a number of places such as Baucau, Covalima and Liquica. Other areas such as in Betano and Viqueque along the south coast received good rainfall.

It looks like the end of the wet season now especially for north coast locations such as Oecusse and Atauro which received very little rain again.

Many farmers have harvested their corn or are about to harvest it. Some good rains were received along the south coast during the first half of May and this may trigger some more planting of maize. Rice planting continues across many areas in Timor-Leste.

El Nino Crop Situation Report 20160415

Corns are ready to harvested

(Tetum)The rainfall pattern continues with sufficient rainfall in the mountains but insufficient or patchy rainfall along the coast. Many farmers have started harvesting throughout the mountains. Many rice fields are late in being planted or are at risk of not being established this year. A number of areas along the north and south coast continue to experience low rainfall.

El Nino Crop Situation Report 20160315

Lino the Active Farmer from Lospalos

On July 3, 2014, in Farmer case study, by Alexia Skok

(Tetum) Lino Rui de Andrade (36) is a maize farmer living with his wife, Atina, and their three children in aldeia Nakroma, suco Fuiloro, sub-district  Lospalos, district Lautem.

Lino is an active farmer, and registered commercial seed producer, who implements good agriculture practices developed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MAF) and Seeds of Life (SoL).  He became involved in commercial seed production in 2013, having started growing seed crops in 2011.


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