TimorAg2016 Posters


Food security in Timor-Leste through crop production

Seguransa alimentar iha Timor-Leste liu husi produsaun ai horis

Dili, 13-15 April 2016

Part of the TimorAg2016 conference was a posters display which covered different aspects of the National Seed System.

NSS jpg

The posters are grouped in the following categories:

A. The National Seed System and its management

B. Crop and variety identification and development

C. Source seed cultivation and quality control

D. Community and commercial seed development

E. Seed system support functions

1)   General agricultural research and practices

2)   Food and nutrition research

3)   Agro-meteorological and climate change research

F. Miscellaneous

1)   Posters by SoL Development Partners

2)   National Seed System and SoL achievements

The titles and abstracts of the posters are given in either English or Tetun, depending on the language used in the poster. The posters themselves can be downloaded in PDF format by clicking on the poster image.

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