Community Seed Producing Groups in Maubisse, supported by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries and Seeds of Life, are prospering in the production of improved seed varieties.

Francisco Jose Mendonsa is the Chefe de Grupo of a successful CSPG with 15 members that focuses on the production of maize.

“In our group we grow 19 plots of the Sele variety and we’re very happy with it. We’re also trying out a new plot of Noi Mutin and we’ll probably grow more of it in the future,” he said.

“In our group we grow 19 plots of Sele and we’re very happy with it”

After harvest, the seed produced by Mendonsa’s group will be shared with the friends and family of the CSPG members.

Due to the high altitude of Maubisse, CSPGs there grow 3 of the 5 staple crops of Timor-Leste; corn, sweet potato and cassava.

“We have 20 groups in the sub-district of Maubisse,” said SoL District Coordinator Orlando da Leux Santos. “There will also be 6 more groups starting up this year.”


SoL District Coordinator, Orlando da Leux Santos (center) lends a hand to the CSPG