Rice fields being prepared in Uatulari with seedling beds
Photo: Benvindo Jose Ernesto

(Tetum)A 2 week period of low rainfall at the end of April may mark the end of the wet season for many areas in Timor-Leste. For areas along the south coast it can be normal to have a short period of low rainfall before the second round of rains allow the possibility of a second crop. For those rice fields that are struggling to get enough water from irrigation systems, this period of low rain may prove to be very critical. Rice crops in the Maliana basin that are flowering are especially at risk.

Most of the maize has been harvested. Reports have come in that the production was fairly good in the mountains however many coastal areas have had low production or total crop failure. El Nino appears to be coming to an end with some concerns about a La Nina following.

Find the full and final El Nino crop report attached. The underlying data and notes used to make these reports is also available for the full season from October, 2015, to April, 2016.

El Nino Crop Situation Report 2016