In October 2011, the Seeds of Life program, in collaboration with the National Statistics Directorate, surveyed 1,800 farmers, living in 100 sucos in the 13 districts of Timor-Leste.

The report of the baseline survey can be downloaded in PDF format.

For ease of access, the report has been divided up into three volumes:

  1. The Main report explains the survey design, and gives the survey findings for
    the crops grown by the farmers, the seed varieties used, storage of corn, and aspects of food security. This document is available in English only;
  2. Volume 2: Data Tables gives more detailed data tables than those provided
    in the main report. This document is available in English only;
  3. Volume 3: Annexes provides information on the sucos that were included
    in the survey, the data collection schedule, the questionnaires in Tetun and
    English, and a more elaborate discussion of the section on food insecurity.