Sorggum in glass house

In March 2010, seven researchers from Seeds of Life and the Ministry of Agriculture (MAF) visited the Hermitage research station of Warwick, Queensland.

The Hermitage research station is a leading center in breeding technologies for crops as diverse as sorghum, barley, sweet corn or mung bean. It is the third consecutive year that the partnership between SoL and Hermitage allows Timorese researchers to have a closer look to Australian farming and agricultural research. For most of them, it was also their first occasion to travel overseas.

Led by Hermitage technicians and researchers and accompanied by a SoL advisor, SoL-MAF staff had for a week the opportunity to have a privileged tour of Hermitage and Warwick sites. They visited the research station facilities and were shown various aspect of varietal research. They were explained various breeding techniques, varietal selection, pest and disease screening, seed conservation and control methods. The Timorese visitors also had a tour of two major grain companies in Mt Tyson and Crafton. They also visited feedlots installations and cattle sales in Warwick.
The visit was an exiting and very enriching experience for all, Timorese and Hosts alike.