A. The National Seed System and its management

A. The National Seed System and its management 

National Seed System: Overview and components

Sistema Fini Nasionál ba Variedade Ne’ebé Lansa estabelese ona atu fornese familia agrikultór sira iha Timor Leste ho asesu seguru ba fini kualidade di’ak ne’ebé produs iha rai laran. Nia operasaun no jestaun regula husi Konsellu Fini Nasionál ne’ebé hanesan grupu multi-parseria ida ne’ebé fó akonselamentu nesesáriu no orientasaun ba governu Timor Leste kona-ba asuntu hotu-hotu relasionadu ho implementasaun Polítika Fini Nasionál no lejislasaun ho regulamentu hotu-hotu nune’e mos fó apoiu ba planeamentu fini nasionál no dezenvolvimentu. Liu husi diresaun no orientasaun husi Konsellu Fini Nasionál, MAP ho ekipa sistema fini munisipál implementa komponente sávi hirak tuir mai:

1. Identifikasaun no Dezenvolvimentu Ai-Horis

2. Fonte Fini no Kontrollu Kualidade

3. Produsaun Fini Komunidade no Komersiál

The National Seed System for Released Varieties was established to provide the farming families of Timor-Leste with secure access to good, locally-produced seed and planting materials. Its operation and management is governed by the National Seed Council which is a multi-stakeholder group providing necessary advice and guidance to the Timor Leste government on all matters related to implementation of National Seed Policy and all ensuing legislation and regulations as well as support national seed planning and development. Through the direction and guidance of the National Seed Council, MAF and the municipal seed system team implement the following key components of the system:

1. Crop Identification and Development

2. Source Seed and Quality Control

3. Community and Commercial Seed Production

A1. NSS overview A2. Identifikasaun no Dezenvolvimentu Ai-Horis - Crop identification and development(FILEminimizer) A3. Source seed and quality control A4. CSPG and CSP
A5a. Sistem fini nasional A5b. Sistem fini nasional (2)

Development of the Timor-Leste National Seed System

A6. Seed systemTimor-Leste started off with a traditional seed system, where farmers produce, store and re-use their own seed each year. As the Seeds of Life program started to produce seeds, an integrated seed system emerged that linked up the traditional and informal seed systems with formal seed systems.





Sistema Fini Munisipiu

Munisipiu Aileu Munisipiu Ainaro Munisipiu Baucau Munisipiu Bobonaro   Munisipiu Covalima
A7. Aileu A8. Ainaro A9. Baucau A10. Bobonaro A11. Covalima
Munisipiu Dili Munisipiu Ermera  Munisipiu Lautem Munisipiu Liquica Munisipiu Manatuto
A12. Dili A13. Ermera A14. Lautem A15. Liquica A16. Manatuto
Munisipiu Manufahi Rejiaun Oecusse Munisipiu Viqueque
A17. Manufahi A18. Oecusse A19. Viqueque


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