E. Seed system support functions

E. Seed system support functions

    3)   Agro-meteorological and climate change research

E20. El Nino no La NinaEl niño no La niña

Florindo Morais Neto

El niño katak bai loron naruk. Eventu ne’e mosu tanba tasi pasifiku manas iha sorin Ameraika nebe afeta  udan ben menus ka laiha mai Timor-Leste. El niño akontese ba nasaun pasifiku tomak inklui mos ba ita nia rai. El niño mos bele dehan nudar anomali ba klima. Bainhira anomali klima ne’e mosu afeta ba udan ben menus ka maran mai nasaun sira iha pasifiku tomak inklui mos ba Timor – Leste, Irianto (2003). Autor hanesan mos hala’o peskiza iha  tinan 2000 hateten katak udan ben ba Nusa Tenggara Timur iha tempo el niño sei tun to’o 60% husi rata-rata udan ben normal ba tinan ida. Akontesementu fenomeno El niño ne’e lori impaktu negativu barak mai Timor – Leste. La’os deit ba aihoris, animal maibe mos ba be’e iha rai okos (air tanah) sei menus no ahi han rai. El niño ba tinan ida ne’e fo ameasa bo’ot ba aihoris, animal nomos ba ema. La niña katak udan ben barak. Fenomeno ida neé mosu tanba tasi pasifiku iha sorin Timor – Leste sai manas. Tuir Bell et al. (1999 no 2000) hateten katak impaktu La niña ba Indonesia liu-liu Indonesia parte leste udan ben aumenta iha tempo bailoron nomos ba tempo udan mai sedu liu. Tuir Effendy (2001) iha tempo La niña intensidade udan ben sei aumenta 50 mm husi rata-rata udan ben normal ba tinan ida. Iha sorin seluk, tuir Irianto et.al (2000) bainhira eventu La niña mosu intensidade udan ben ba Jawa aumenta ba 140% no ba Kalimantan aumenta ba 120%.

E21. Agro-meteo weather stationsAgro-meteorological weather stations in Timor-Leste

Samuel Bacon, José Quintão Amarál Gonçalves, Florindo Morais Neto and Isabel Soares Pereira

The department of Agriculture, Land, Geographic Information Systems and Agro-meteorology (ALGIS) measures the weather at 44 weather stations across all Agro-Ecological Zones (AEZs) in Timor-Leste. The stations sample climatic conditions including rainfall, temperature, relative humidity, solar radiation wind speed, gust speed, wind direction, soil temperature (surface and 5cm depth) and soil moisture (10 cm depth). Samples are taken every 3 minutes and the data is logged every 15 minutes. The system is comprised of 15 stations in the Primary Network (which include wind direction and soil sensors) and 29 stations in the Secondary Network.  Long term weather data records are used for crop research and improving resilience to climate extremes such as flooding, drought and high winds. Weather data is fundamental in designing infrastructure such as storm water drains, buildings and bridges. Other applications include disaster risk management and early warning systems. Primary Network stations are equipped with automatic data transfer systems with alerts that set to notify the Government of extreme weather events.

E22. El Nino in TLEl Niño iha Timor-Leste

Isabel Soares Pereira, Florindo Morais Neto, Samuel Bacon, Rita da Costa Soares

Timor Leste hanesan nasaun ki’ik ida ne’ebé iha mos variasaun klíma  kada rejiaun tuir elevasaun ne’ebé la hanesan. Nasaun ne’e mos nia populasaun maioria mak moris husi seitór agrikultura. Tanba ida ne’e informasaun kona-ba klíma importante tebetebes ba agrikultór sira. El Niño hanesan fenómenu ida husi klíma nian ne’ebé agora daudaun afeta ba agrikultór sira-nia atividade halo to’os no natar. El Niño signifika katak udan been menus tanba tempu udan ne’ebé mai tarde no remata sedu. Durante periódu El Niño, anin husi parte lorosa’e hú menus no manas iha trópiku oceanu pasífiku liuliu iha rejiaun sentrál no rejiaun lorosa’e ne’ebé afeta ba sirkulasaun anin atu hú ba parte lorosa’e.

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