Fatin estasaun meteorolójika istóriku 63 lokalizadu, fasilita analiza ba klimátika

Seeds of Life ho susesu identifika ona estasaun meteorolójika antigu 63 neebe hanesan parte ida husi nia atividade atu akumula dadus klimátika istóriku no bele halo disponível hodi uza.

Deskobre signifika MAP-SoL bele halo komparasaun entre klimátika istóriku ho atuál iha teritóriu laran tomak hodi informa liu tan ba peskiza no planu serbisu seluk.

Historical weather station locations in Timor-Leste

Fatin estasaun meteorolójika antigu iha Timor-Leste

Cropping Systems Advisor Sam Bacon haktuir katak SoL kontinua rekolla informasaun neebe los liu tan kona-ba fatin estasaun meteorolójika durante tinan rua ikus.

“Ita iha dadus neebe disponível husi estasaun meteorolójika antigu maibe ita la hatene dadus hirak ne’e iha neebe,” tenik nia. “Peskiza antes halo ona estimasaun ba fatin hirak ne’e maibe iha erru ka sala barak.”

Iha fonte balun neebe uja hodi identifika fatin 63 antes. Hirak ne’e inklui:

  • Peskiza husi T. Santika
  • Australian National University
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
  • Manuscripts/Manueskritu iha Arkivu Nasionál
  • Dadus fatin husi Governo Timor-Leste
  • Solo E O Clima De Timor
  • Staff husi Ministério da Agricultura e Pescas
  • Vizita fatin ida husi staff MAP-SoL

Sam esplika katak dadus fatin neebe los liu signifika katak estasaun meteorolójika barak neebe existe installa husi SoL no sira seluk nia lokalizasaun mak metru 100 husi fatin orijinál.

“Iha exemplu balun mak hanesan ita hasoru populasaun lokál neebe rekolla dadus durante tempu Portugueza ou  hatene loloos kona-ba lokalizasaun fatin estasaun iha tempu uluk.

“Iha Fazenda Algarve, Liquiça, ami konsege hetan estasaun meteorolójika antigu,” tenik Sam.

Liquica house

Kintál iha Fazenda Algarve iha foho Liquiça nia kotuk, neebe bele deskobre estasaun meteorolójika antigu iha uma nia kotuk. Seeds of Life installa ona estasaun meteorolójika ida iha fatin ne’e.

The old administrator’s house in Same.  The original weather station was located just to the right of the building.  Seeds of Life have recently installed a weather station just behind this building.

Rezidénsia antigu administradór nian iha Same. Estasaun meteorolójika antigu lokalizadu iha parte los husi edifísiu. Seeds of Life installa ona estasaun meteorolójika ida iha edifísiu nia kotuk.

MAP-SoL konvida se deit mak hela ou serbisu besik ba kualker fatin hirak ne’e ou hatene kona-ba lokalizasaun fatin estasaun meteorolójika seluk bele kontaktu ba MAP-SoL atu ajuda serbisu ida ne’e bele la’o kontinua.


This screenshot shows the data available in the Google Earth layer

This screenshot shows the data available in the Google Earth layer


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