(Tetum) SoL has just published updated files of weather data for 21 weather stations around the country.  These are available in excel sheets that can be downloaded, analyse and freely share. 

Access information sheets from Google Drive now (no login required)

The information can be used for projects, research and planning.  This information also can help to find which location around Timor-Leste gets the most rain or the highest rainfall in one day or which location is the coldest or has the highest gusts. This data is essential for preparing communities for risks associated with climate.  It is also helpful for understanding recent weather patterns in relation to the current El Niño.

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 9.57.36 AM

Example of daily weather information on solar radiation, wind speed, and evapotranspiration from weather station in Acumau, Aileu. Daily information on rainfall, temperature, and humidity as well as decadal data

Florindo Morais Neto, in the National Directorate of Research within the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries operates these stations.  He spends a lot of time touring the country checking on stations, replacing broken parts and carrying out routine maintenance.

Florindo in Viqueque downloads data onto his laptop during a routine maintenance check

Florindo in Viqueque downloads data onto his laptop during a routine maintenance check

In many cases, the data is downloaded to his laptop and then taken back to the office in Dili for analysis.  Some stations transmit the data via satellite or telecommunications systems so that it is downloaded remotely through the internet. Seeds of Life support this work by providing the necessary equipment and training to assist Florindo in carrying out this work.  This is done in collaboration with the ALGIS Agro-metrology department who have started to take responsibility for operating the network.

SoL and ALGIS have recently installed new electronic sensors that measure soil temperature and soil moisture.  We have also installed more wind direction sensors.  MAF is proud to operate this state of the art equipment delivering weather data for the development of Timor-Leste.

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