Simao (enumerator) interview one of the farmer in the field

Simao (enumerator) interviews one of the farmers in the field

(Tetum)Nearly one out of every two farmers growing foodcrops in Timor-Leste use one or more improved varieties. A survey of 700 farming households conducted earlier this year by the Seeds of Life program in 60 randomly selected sucos in the country’s 13 municipalities showed that 48% of the interviewed farmers were growing one or more varieties of improved maize, rice, peanut, cassava and/or sweet potato. This is a marked increase in the adoption of improved varieties compared to five years ago, when the adoption rate was 18%.


Rice fields being prepared in Uatulari with seedling beds
Photo: Benvindo Jose Ernesto

(Tetum)A 2 week period of low rainfall at the end of April may mark the end of the wet season for many areas in Timor-Leste. For areas along the south coast it can be normal to have a short period of low rainfall before the second round of rains allow the possibility of a second crop. For those rice fields that are struggling to get enough water from irrigation systems, this period of low rain may prove to be very critical. Rice crops in the Maliana basin that are flowering are especially at risk. (more…)

First prize winner © Rob Williams- Seeds of Life

(Tetum)One of the channels used to showcase the progress of agriculture development in Timor-Leste during the TimorAg2016 conference held in Hotel Novo Turismo from April 13 to 14 was through the presentation of displays from each Municipal Seed Team to illustrate their Municipal Seed System. Everyone who viewed the displays was awed and inspired by the way each municipal team rose to the challenge! (more…)




Francisca together with the President of PNG Women in Agriculture Development, Crawford Fund and Australian journalists

(Tetum)Sra. Fransisca Magdalena Pinto from Maliana is one of more than 200 participants who attended the 2-day conference held at Novo Turismo. Her story enlivened the audience and kept them engaged and animated.  (more…)

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