(Tetun) Two new district thematic map sets – one with slope information, the other featuring elevation with a hillshade effect – have been added to Seeds of Life’s collection of over 1,800 maps.

Each map works like an offline GIS map with layers of thematic information from the 2010 census that can easily be turned ‘on’ or ‘off’.

Thematic information featured includes:

  • Location of district, sub-district and suco offices
  • District and sub-district boundaries
  • Location of health facilities
  • Buildings/houses
  • Main roads
  • Watershed boundaries
  • Riverbeds, lakes and watercourses
  • Bathymetry (ocean depth in metres)
  • Soil texture and acidity
  • Risk of iron and zinc deficiency
  • Soil order

The maps have been prepared in two sets because it’s not possible to export/save two image (raster) layers in a pdf format. Hence, the first set uses slope categories as an image layer background and the second uses elevation with a hillshade effect.

Simply choose which layers/labels to display by using the ‘layers’ function in the left pane of Acrobat Reader. You can also print each map layer separately.

Thematic map full

Use the layer function to turn on or off the different thematic information layers

These map sets replace the previous district land use and slope maps on the SoL website, and are made available as high-resolution files (6 – 20Mb/file) for your mapping and development planning. This ensures un-pixelated images when you zoom in and out and allows you to print it in high quality.

Other maps recently added to the SoL website include:

We welcome any feedback from you so we can make further refinements and improvements. Please email us at info@seedsoflifetimor.org.