(Tetum) The ability to collect, analyse and disseminate accurate and reliable Timor-specific research data is the foundation from which Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries-Seeds of Life (MAF-SoL) operates its programs. The groundbreaking, grass-roots research conducted over the past 13 years has resulted in MAF-SoL’s development and MAF’s release of 12 more productive varieties of staple crops on which SoL phase 3 is building the National Seed System for Released Varieties (NSSRV). The system will deliver good quality planting materials (both seeds and cuttings) to Timorese farm families. These varieties are selected specifically for Timor-Leste’s topography, geography and socio-economic structure. Recently, MAF-SoL has increased its use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) across all tiers of its projects, from on-farm trials to monitoring and evaluation. (more…)