(Tetum) A recent visit from four Indonesian crop scientists to Timor-Leste to meet with MAF researchers has signalled the start of a new research-based relationship between the two countries.

The scientists from the Indonesia Legumes and Tuber Crops Research Institute (ILETRI) spent four days touring the country to understand how their proven technologies could work in Timor’s agricultural conditions. (more…)

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(Tetum) Timor-Leste’s first National Seed Council (NSC) has been formed with the appointment of 15 representatives from the seed sector at an inaugural meeting last week.

The Council, established as an independent national seed authority, met on Wednesday 3 September to discuss its mandate as managers of the National Seed System and guardians of the National Seed Policy. (more…)

(Tetum) It’s a wrongly held belief that farming families in Timor-Leste only plant rice and have one income source.

In actuality, most farming families have incredibly diverse farms and livelihoods, which is essential for managing risk in Timor’s tough agricultural environment. (more…)