New district thematic maps available

On January 16, 2015, in Maps, by Kate Bevitt

(Tetun) Two new district thematic map sets – one with slope information, the other featuring elevation with a hillshade effect – have been added to Seeds of Life’s collection of over 1,800 maps.

Each map works like an offline GIS map with layers of thematic information from the 2010 census that can easily be turned ‘on’ or ‘off’. (more…)

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(Tetun) The key to improving the livelihoods of farming families in Timor-Leste is to increase crop production and expand market access, according to a 2014 study by Monash University.

Such activities would enable families to produce enough food to meet their basic needs, to benefit from economies of scale and to reduce post-harvest losses by selling surplus production in a timely manner. (more…)

(Tetun) The MAF-SoL Annual Research Report has been written by local researchers in their national language Tetun for the first time ever, a huge milestone after eight years of on-the-job learning and training.

Since 2006, the Regional Advisors and Research Advisor have first produced the annual report in English before being translated to Tetun. However the 2013 report was written first in Tetun by local Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MAF) researchers and then translated to English. (more…)

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(Tetun) Ever wondered how many pigs are in each suco? Or how current rainfall compares to historic averages?  

Well, wonder no longer! The research team at Seeds of Life has released nine interactive Google Earth maps featuring climate, soil and agricultural census data to answer these questions and more. (more…)

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