(Tetun) A new approach to communication for development will help low-literate farmers adopt improved agronomic practices in Timor-Leste.

Farmers who adopt new maize varieties developed by the Seeds of Life (SoL) program and Ministry of Agriculture (MAF) can expect significant yield increases if they use traditional cultivation methods. If they also apply appropriate agronomic practices (such as planting in lines, weeding, drying and storing seed in airtight containers etc.), even higher yield increases are achievable. But how do you teach these practices to farmers? (more…)

(Tetum) With the maize planting season just around the corner, farming families will soon be choosing which varieties to grow this 2014-15 cropping season.

Here’s eight reasons why farming families love growing Sele and Noi Mutin, the two more productive maize varieties released by the Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries in 2007 and 2012 respectively.

(Tetum) Many farmers appreciate the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries’ improved varieties of maize, rice, peanut, sweet potato and cassava because of their good characteristics – they are productive, locally adapted, can be replanted again, and yield well under traditional practices.

Today, on World Environment Day (5 June), let’s take a closer look in this infographic at how these released varieties are also helping reduce hunger in Timor-Leste while protecting the natural resources farmers rely on (water, soil, plants and animals) and improving biodiversity.


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(Tetum) Olandina da Costa is the chief of Community Seed Production Group (CSPG) Bilbeu in Guico village, Maubara sub-district, Liquiça. The group was established in 2011 and has the unique feature that all 10 members are women.

The group receives assistance from the Suco Extension Officer (SEO) in their village, Bartolomeu da Silva.

“When I visited this group in 2011 they were planting vegetables. I asked them to form a CSPG and eventually they decided to form a group of all women members. The head of the group is also a woman” (more…)